Red Carpet Charleston

An Invitation-Only
Event Series

Red Carpet Charleston is an invitation-only event series—formatted as a cocktail party—focused on keeping residents apprised of the dynamic growth happening in Charleston both professionally and personally. 

Focusing on high level executives, decision makers, and philanthropists, the series is designed to provide meaningful introductions, connections and recommendations to their counterparts who are already successful, well established leaders in the community. This exclusive group of participants will be welcomed to Charleston quarterly at prestige locations in the area. Our sponsors invest in this effort to make it easier for leading executives and individuals with means to invest back in the community.

Bringing the Best Parts of
Charleston Face-to-Face.

We believe that opportunities surface through
collaboration and innovation.

Meaningful Connections

Create meaningful, lasting connections with well established leaders in the community.


Exclusive group events at prestigious locations in the Charleston area.


Our quarterly events provide concierge-level, personalized recommendations / introductions.

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